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leeandlow submitted to medievalpoc:

The Diversity Gap in the highest grossing science fiction and fantasy films. Sad, right? You can see the full study here.

I highly recommend reading the entire article.

from the infographic:

Among the top 100 domestic grossing films:

  • only 8% of films star a protagonist of color
  • of the 8 protagonists of color, all are men; 6 are played by Will Smith and 1 is a cartoon character (Aladdin)
  • 0% of protagonists are women of color
  • 0% of protagonists are LGBTQ
  • 1% of protagonists are people with a disability

I never understood why the genre I love so much doesn’t love me back :(

I admit this broke my heart because…me, too.

I have to say that one of the most unexpected and amazing things about Medievalpoc is that I’ve discovered I’m not alone in feeling that way; that there is a whole community out here trying to change that.



Nope. But the real story is better. Bolding mine:

The late Ruth Thompson, a cell painter on “Snow White” who later became a multiplane scene planner, recalled: “We tried everything - airbrush, drybrush, even lipstick and rouge, which is perhaps the basis for the legend because we did, in fact, try it. But nothing worked.

The airbrush was difficult to control on such a small area; drybrush was too harsh; lipstick and rouge unwieldy and messy. Everything proved to be impractical and all hope seemed lost to give Snow White her little bit of color when the idea of using a dye was proposed.

Again Ms. Thompson: “Someone suggested a red dye because the blue day we added to give Donald Duck his distinctive sailor-blue never really could be washed off the cell without leaving a bluish stain where the paint had been applied.”

Ever since the mid 30’s when color became the norm for all the cartoons, not just the “Silly Symphonies,” all paints and inks were made at the studio. During this period as well cells were routinely reused for economic reasons, thus the need to wash them off. Apparently Donald’s special blue color was made with a dye added to the usual powdered pigments. “So we tried that.” As the women gathered around in what must have seemed just another dead-end effort, all eyes became fixed on the red dot which soon became a small glow with no perceptible edge. The hushed silence soon gave way to sighs of relief. The method had finally been found. Now the application.

Among the studio’s many inkers (an extremely demanding profession), was one young lady whose training and skill was unique: Helen Ogger. Just being an inker placed one within the elite confines of this most “holy of holies” area of the Nunnery, as the Ink and Paint Department was so called (Walt had strict and quite Victorian views that the sexes not mingle at the workplace, allowing no male personnel save the “gofer” boy and the paymaster “Mr.” Keener to enter this domain of mostly unmarried women ). But Helen was in addition a very fine cartoonist and one of the few women at Disney’s or anywhere else, who could animate.

Such a seemingly insignificant detail (as the cheek colors) might be thought not worthy of special mention (she, as well as the other inkers and painters, was given no screen credit). But when one adds up the number of footage required to be tinted freehand on each individual cell, the hours suddenly turn into weeks and months. In fact, such a treatment was never attempted again on such a scale and even today, the publicity stills from “Snow White,” most of which do not have the added blush, bear witness to how that little touch of extra care adds to the vitality we see on the screen.

The work was done on all close-ups, most medium shots, and even on some long shots. The Queen was also similarly tinted. Hundreds of hours were needed to complete this task, arduous, repetitive and, of course, hard on the eyes. Ultimately a handful of other girls were needed to assist Helen as the clocked ticked toward the deadline.

Helen had to place several cells together on an animation board, one atop the other, just like in the process of animation, in order to get the ‘registration’ right (the spot of red just right in relation to the preceding and following ones) - all of this without any guide. She would work out her own extremes and then ‘animate’ the blush in inbetweens. Her work deserves admiration and gratitude and it is unfortunate that her contribution has remained unknown and her anonymity unaltered during her lifetime. She was paid, as were the rest of the Inkers, $18 a week, which included a half-day on Saturday and the many, many hours of unpaid overtime “Snow White” would require - all given unstintingly, (by everyone involved, it should be added), to a project whose joy in participating was its own reward.

She eventually became head of Inking and Special Effects and even taught classes in animation at the studio. She left in 1941 (apparently part of the terrible strike that would leave the Disney Studio changed forever), taking her skills with her. She died in Glendale in February of 1980. Perhaps it is safe to say that her departure was critical to the abrupt demise of this now unique effect (it was also used, though on a much smaller scale in both “Pinocchio” and “Fantasia”). None of the other inkers or painters were animators and it is this fact, not just the factor of economy nor the changing tastes, which surely must be considered a reason why such details were never attempted again. The golden age was over.

Also, here’s an interesting article about female cel painters at Disney. I am now fascinated by the idea of writing something with a Depression-era cel painter as a protagonist.


set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.


a new study from yale university has shown that no matter how many times you say “okay” your parents will not shut the hell up


Yami Shino


Yami Shino


gunslinger peach


Carrie’s RECAP of Episode 1:

Design a garment you’d showcase in Spring Fashion Week using fabric provided for you.

I purposely stayed away from black to show the judges that I’m not afraid of color and, in fact, enjoy it, so I picked this super cool Non-Stretch Cotton Print that reminded me of television static/distortion. The print was already very busy so I didn’t want to add any contrast fabrics; plus there weren’t any other good selections I thought would work with this.

I had originally sketched an additional bolero jacket, thinking I’d have time… and I probably would’ve if it weren’t for those stupid little things that go wrong that you have to cater to (ah, such is life)! :P I played with the idea of interesting cut-outs and prominent hip-structure because my model’s body-type would allow for that type of emphasis, and I felt it would flatter her and make her look super cool and unique.

I am ECSTATIC about my garment; I used every last second I got and completely finished it. I’m very pleased with how my cool, futuristic Spring cocktail dress turned out and my model was PERFECT for it!

As for who was on the top and bottom, I’ll let you guys discuss that one… but all I’ll say, without sounding full of myself, is that I strongly felt I would be in the top this challenge alongside others that weren’t picked. Welp, you never know how the judges are going to feel that day.

BTW can we talk about how my model Ploy ( jewelsmodelmanagement ) stomped that runway?! She looks even cooler in those ALDO ( aldorise ) sunglasses and I totally need some in my life :( /coughhialdocough ♥

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The new Graveyard Book Graphic Novel is all the things. (Photos by EpicReads. Awesome book by neil-gaiman.)

Nite fly 
The legend in the black sky 
You are the number one in the dark 
I know 

Last nite 
The city was on fire 
You saved the lives, no panic for us 
No more 

When the sunlight comes up higher 
Every girl wants your deisre 
You playboy in the day 
Stop your loving in the nite 
Crime is danger you must fight 
Are you ready to fly dark knight 

Batman is Bruce Wayne 
High technology in your plains 
He feels the power like a fighter 

Batman is Bruce Wayne 
Many troubles in your brain 
He runs to the hell 
The world is on fire


m0n64 submitted:

For when you find that specal someone

an eggagment ring