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Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Seth Meyers


TCR | 2007.03.12 | It reads: “Dear Stephen, As editor-in-chief of Marvel, I am burdened with the handling of our character’s estates and the sad event that a hero should perish before his time. Captain America’s will was read last Friday, and while heavy hearted, I am proud to announce the star spangled Avenger has bequeathed his most valuable possession, his indestructible shield, to the only man he believed had the red, white, and blue balls to carry the mantle. Stephen Colbert. Welcome to the Marvel Universe. Sincerely, Joe Quesada.

How can you but just love this?


This took me sooo long to finish, my wrist hurts now ;_;

Kozue Akimoto


世界のオタク界の超有名人ジュリ・ワタイ 自分撮り写真公開

Julie Watai

I hate having to like precisely administer the amount of interaction I can have with a guy, especially one I just met, so that they won’t think I’m hitting on them/leading them on :/ Like well i answered his chat message within the hour yesterday so i should probably ignore him altogether today.

like i always feel like liking an profile picture of someone you just added is like clearly seen as flirting? or commenting/liking on anything that you’d have to click “see more” to get to is like ‘oh? why she wanna know more about me?” so i straight up avoid it. also starting conversations. that’s against the rules.

like are these the rules? am I making them up? am i over-thinking it?

See this is why i’m such a shut-in. i’m just trying really hard not to flirt with anyone and as a consequence i don’t have any friends. everything is bullshit. i hate idk. whatever there is to blame for this… the patriarchy or heteronormativity or one of those things. ://///


no wonder starscream is so bitter it’s only been 3 episodes and he’s been roasted more times than i can count







😱😱😱💦💦💦💦 NO FILTA💦💦💦💦💦

Color by @ismminamiaoyama
Hair set by @rei031010 
#manicpanic #dyehair #tokyo #neogal


Nontasu, 19yr old



First Look: EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 (featuring GWEN STACY, SPIDER-WOMAN) by Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez & Rico Renzi.

I really, REALLY like the look of this.


this is the best thing I’ve seen